Alulu was born with the vision to create pieces that can be treasured far beyond a single season. Their clothes are lovingly designed with a heartfelt focus on the integrity of where and how their products are made. DIFFER was approached to create a simple yet sophisticated word mark that would marry their vibrant feel.

Art Direction / Branding / Creative / Merchandise

  • Alulu brand gold embossed on recycled business card
  • Alulu brand motto
  • Alulu brand thank you cards floral print and blue spot UV
  • Alulu clothing brand label
  • Alulu brand logo on recycled card gift box
  • Alulu red and pink floral pattern
  • Alulu brand full floral print on shopping bag
  • Alulu clothing brand label
  • Alulu clothing raised logo on floral background
  • Alulu brand experience gold print on glass door

The DIFFER team were an absolute delight to work with. From the very start of the branding project they made things easy and simple for us, while still making sure they understood exactly where our brand needed to go. Definitely above and beyond our expectations!


Alulu, Byron Bay

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